Winners 2021


The British Falconers Cup – Andrew Wooley

The Robin Butler Cup – Ron West

The Radnor Cup – Clifford Giddings

The Broad Hinton Cup – Mike Windel

The YFC Cup – Harvey Gaisford

The NUA & AW Trophy – Andrew Wooley

Class 1A

Tankard Winner – Tony Bushnell

Class 1B

Tankard Winner – Sid Woolford

Winner of Class 1, Hancock Trophy – Sid Woolford

Class 2A

Tankard Winner – Viv Edwards

Class 2B

Tankard Winner – Andrew Woolley

Winner of Class 2, Winterbourne Cup – Andrew Woolley

Class 3A

Tankard Winner – Ron West

Class 3B

Tankard Winner – Richard Bryan

Winner of Class 3, Dick Horton Trophy – Ron West

Class 4

Tankard Winner – Richard Horton

Winner of Class 4, Skurray Cut – Richard Horton

Class 5A

Tankard Winner – Anthony Clifford

Class 5B

Tankard Winner – Peter Francis

Winner of Class 5, Trade Cup – Peter Francis