Winners 2016

Champion Conventional Ploughman The British Falconers Cup David Phillips, M S & R J Windell
Champion Reversible Ploughman The Robin Butler Cup Tom Barnes, R J Hussey & Son
Reserve Champion Convenitonal Ploughman The Radnor Cup Graham Bailey, R J Hussey & Son
Reserve Champion Reversible Ploughman The Broad Hinton Cup Guy Horton,  J R Horton & Son
Best Ploughman Under 25 The YFC Cup Robert Purton, H P & I J Wroth
The Best Ploughman who is a member NUA & AW Trophy Tom Barnes, R J Hussey & Son
Class 1 Open/Vintage The Hancock Trophy Edward Moore,  Calne
Class 2 Open Conventional The Winterbourne Cup Lee Emery,  Alton Barnes
Class 3 Reversible Mounted The Dick Horton Trophy Robert Purton,  H P & I J Wroth
Class 4 Reversible Semi-Mounted The Skurray Cup Tom Barnes, R J Hussey & Son
Class 5 Trade The Trade Cup Andrew Collier, T H White

Class 1 Open Vintage

1. Edward Moore – Calne

2. Tony Rumming – Calne

3. Graham Bowyer – Potterne

4. Keith Thomas – Calne

Class 2 Open Conventional

  1. Lee Emery – Alton Barnes
  2. Simon Knight – West Overton
  3. V J Edwards – Rowde
  4. David Phillips – M S & R J Windel, Wroughton

Class 3 Reversible Mounted
Section A

  1. Nick Stevens – A4 Farmers, Cherhill
  2. Mike Windel – M S & R J Windel, Wroughton
  3. Alan Pearce – A4 Farmers, Cherhill

Section B

  1. Robert Purton – H P & I J Wroth
  2. Chris Jordan
  3. Ron West – T P Hayward, Tidcombe

Class 4 Reversible Semi-Mounted

  1. Tom Barnes R J Hussey & Son
  2. Guy Horton  J R Horton & Son

Class 5 Trade
Section A – Conventional

  1. Andrew Collier – T H White
  2. Justin Moore – T H White
  3. Tony Clifford – T H White

Section B – Reversible

  1. Will Giles – Lister Wilder
  2. Ryan Lanfear – T H White
  3. R Gaisford – Lister Wilder

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